1. Gift Registry Usage:

NOTE : You should login first to be able to use this option .

You can pickup some products to add to your Gift Registery by pressing “Gift Registery” button

  • Then you can share this list , and other persons can buy some products for you from your Gift Registery.

Popup displays to select which Gift Registery you want to add this product in …

You can create new Gift Registery by selecting “Add product to new Gift Registery” and enter title for this new list, and select the privacy type and press “submit” button.

You can select an existing showrlist to add this product to it by selecting “Add product to existing Gift Registery ” option , then select the required list and press “submit “ button.

You can View & manage your Gift Registerys by pressing the icon directly as below

Click on the Gift Registery title to open and view its content.

You can change the quantity of the products, or remove product from your Gift Registery

gift qty

You can add product to your own cart to buy.

After finishing all your required changes for the list , press “UPDATE GIFT REGISTERY” to save changes.

Now you can share or send your Gift Registery to your friends by using any of social networking links.

You can change the privacy of your Gift Registery , then press “UPDATE GIFT REGISTERY CHANGES”

You can delete Gift Registery

Privacy of the Gift Registery

  • Public Gift Registery are viewable by anyone and appear in search results if the search terms match the Gift Registery title.
  • Shared Gift Registery do not show up in search, but are viewable by anyone that has the URL that links to the Gift Registery.
  • Private Gift Registery are only viewable by the Gift Registery owner.