1.    Shopping & Checkout Process:

You can start shopping by browsing until you find a product you want to buy, or by typing a keywords for the required product into the search box (for example: Brush), then click on the “search” icon

Then you will find all products related to “Brush” will be displayed , pick the requires product.null

If you like a product and want to buy it you can press “Add To Cart” button to add this product to your cart then continue shopping for other products and do the same for the products you want to buy.

If you want to view the content of your cart you can press “Cart” icon as shown in the below image

Inside the cart page you can increase or decrease the quantity of each product , or remove product from the cart

After doing any changes for any product, you need to press “UPDATE CART” to save the new modifications.

After finishing your shopping , you can press “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button

Now you will be moved to Billing & Shipping addresses details, If you already have an account, you will be required to login first to be able to place your order.

But if you are a new user you can check “CREATE ACCOUNT” checkbox to create your new account and place the order.

if you need the order to be shipped to a different address , check the “Ship to a different address” checkbox then fill the shipping details.

But if you need the order to be shipped to the same billing address you can uncheck this option then press” PLACE ORDER” button.

The order details will be displayed.

Also you will receive email by the order details.